Covid-19 is Severe in Persons With, Cancers, Hypertension and Diabetes - Health Minister



Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health urge people with this certain health challenge to take responsibility and state safe.

The mister in a tweet said that people with Cancer, Hypertension and diabetes are more likely to died of covid-19.

The tweet read "COVID19 is severe in persons who are 50 years & above especially those that live with underlying health conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension & Cancer.

Adhere to all non pharmaceutical measures on #COVID19 prevention.

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TakeResponsibility & #StaySafe"

Covid-19, virus disease that mostly affect lung that break out in Wuhan China late 2019 has claimed over 500k lives.

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The virus enter Nigeria in 2020, since then over 1000 people has died from the virus and over 100,000 case confirm in the county.

The virus activities in the country has paralyze so many activities in the county, such schools and market.


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