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For the many of us who stood with PMB all these years, let me give you the honest truth:


No society is able to stand this level of destruction without drifting into anarchy.

No people have the patience to tolerate a never-ending and senseless killings of their kith and kin.

No government, no matter how it is loved, can give an acceptable excuse to a people whose lives are exposed to death; on the road or at home, in their offices or on their farms.

No excuse is reasonable to a people whose huts and hamlets, or their homes, are burnt and the little they have worked to acquire all their life, gone with the ashes.

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No sensible human being ll be happy or justifying these killings, mind you people who have been killed on a daily basis are our brothers and sisters.

North and South must rise against demons called Nigerian leaders, none of them is ready to sacrifice anything for Nigeria and Nigerians.

Usman Pedro

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