Am left Alone After Washing Husband Cloth 3 Days I give Birth



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I have just been delivered a set of twin and my mother came. she has been helpful won't lie to you but I noticed since she came she washes my cloths and leaves my husband's own and she knows is my responsibility to wash his cloths.

I did not say anything this morning I woke up and started washing the cloths, that is my husband own. my mother came outside that I should kill myself, that I gave birth three days ago and I am putting my hands in water.

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my mother said if I die she will bury me and move on. my husband heard it came outside and asked that my mum leaves his house. my mum packed her things and left and now my family are calling me. my mum left me with twins 😭😭😭😭😭.Am so heartbroken.

my husband is mannerless and my mother has no patience.
i am now left alone.

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