My only prayer for my husband if he ever choose to marry more is " May he find a better woman than me" - Nigeria Lady



Nigerian lady identify as Saleemat Mamman has reacted contrary to others women believed when it come to marrying second wife by their husband.

Saleemat while given some piece of advice to women who kick against their husband decision in taken second, third or fourth wife, said she will prayer for husband to get a second wife that is far better than her.

The young lady who share her opinions concerning second wife on her Facebook wall, has this to say:

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"When will Women learn that their husband is not their property.
He has legal right to four.

The new wife did not come to steal your husband.

She came to marry her husband…….

He is hers just as much as he is yours.

Stop making second, third and fourth wives look like theives.

They didn't choose their destinies.

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Marrying other wives Islamically and legally is better than keeping concubines and mistresses.

My only prayer for my husband if he ever choose to marry more is " May he find a better woman than me"

A sister wife that would love me and accept my kids just like hers".

Death doesn't give notice and of I were to die today, I would prefer my kids be taken care by someone I know than a stranger. At least she will be under a divine trust, a sin unto her, if the trust is broken.

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Don't tell me such women don't exist because they do….

The men too should try to practice polygamy with equality.

May our husbands find good women if they ever want or need extra wives.


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