43 Farmers Killed In Borno Is As A Result Of Incompetency - Opinion


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At least more than 43 innocent farmers were killed on Saturday, November 28 by Book Haram insurgents in Borneo State.

This attack was carried out on farmers from Zabarmari farming community in Jere LGA at Koshebe village, in Mafa LGA.

These farmers were killed while working on the farm to earn their daily bread and they were killed like animals for no reason.

Apparently, this attack on farmer is as a result of incompetency in the Nigeria Government which they have failed to address.

A government that can not protect it's people is not worthy to rule the people. The Boko Haram insurgents have been terrorising the country for years and the government has still not being able to come up with a solution.

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All they do is to embezzle the country's finance into their own personal account and travel out of the country without minding what happens to the average Nigeria man or woman.

The incompetency of these government can not be overrated. Until the bad eggs are crushed out of the system, this country might continue to face more problems.

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