Get Sense,Trump Allowing Transition to Begin Don't Mean He Conceded Victory to Joe Biden - Fani Kayode


Donald Trump

Femi Fani Kayode, has reacted as transition begin in U.S for Donald Trump to hand over to Joe Biden.

The reaction made available on his Facebook page, read:

"Some people need to GET SENSE! Donald J. Trump allowing the transition process to begin does not mean that he has conceeded victory to Joe Biden. It simply means that he has allowed the normal protocols to proceed. This is NOT a concession of victory or a sign of defeat.

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It is simply the strict adherence to an age-old, tried and tested administrative procedure. Outside of that it means nothing. Serious allegations which are plausible and credible have been made about the election which points to the fact that they were heavily rigged for Joe Biden.

The matter is still in court and merrily on its way to the Supreme Court. Nothing will be decided until that process is complete and the Electors and Congress meet in December and January respectively.

Mark this: at the end of the day there will be no transition: there will be a continuation. God is faithful!

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