Is your Husband committing Adultery ? What the social media is causing


Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.
Philippians 4:6

They are living Peacefully for years with her husband having 2 lovely Children until she met her friend who told her , her husband went to the bathroom and she picked his phone behold she saw chats of several women. The woman created an Idea in her heart to also try it. She became very inquisitive about her own husband after hearing her friend.

She came back home she saw her husband handset in the Parlour while he was fast asleep in the bedroom. She remembered what her friend told her. She checked the husband one more time to be sure he is asleep. She flipped and open his handset something she has never done before she checked every conversation he had with every woman WhatsApp and even Facebook messenger but nothing suspicious.

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See women whatever you are looking for you will get it , if you want to catch your husband in an adulterous relationship you will catch him even if he doesn't do it. The Bible didn't say you should catch your husband , the Bible said be anxious over nothing but in Prayer with thanks giving send your petition to God about your husband.

Maybe I didn't check very well today is his birthday and he posted his birthday picture on Facebook, I will check all the comments from the women.

This woman is so anxious to catch her husband in adultery, instead of to pray for her husband against adultery. What you want to see you will see it, what you are looking for you will get it. The devil will put an Idea to you that he does it, even if he doesn't.

One day this woman , came to my office in Church. Pastor Azzaman Please Judge this case , I don't know what is wrong with my husband. Honestly I will not lie to him he is a good man, he takes care of me, the children school fees, our upkeep he doesn't joke with those things. But these days he is changing she narrated. How is he changing? I asked. Even his handset now he has put a password , what is he hiding? That means he is hiding something Pastor. She asked me. Some of you that think you come to see Pastor Azzaman to see something for you, you will be dissaponted. Me I see the word of God but not to see something for you. Does he drink alcohol or cigarettes and stay late into the night? Honestly I have never seen him smoke or drink alcohol but to be candid I can not say Maybe he is doing it and hiding but he doesn't stay late in the night( Somebody you are married to for years , you trusted him those years , but a friend have poisoned your mind now you are not sure of your husband) Does he womanise , I asked her. Hmmmm Pastor I have never caught him, she answered. But that one too maybe he is doing it but he is hiding.

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She now narrated how she met this friend that told her about her own husband and how she has been exploring her husband's handset to catch him with a woman. Did you notice a woman? Pastor I didn't noticed any woman. But his birthday I went to his Facebook and I checked all the comments from the women , I notice this particular woman who was addressing my husband as "My Dear' and me too I made a comment and said my lovely husband happy birthday. Pastor he just liked my comment, I expect him to say something after my comment as his wife but he didn't. That means he is trying to deny me or he is hiding something. I went back and check the woman's comment again and she edited it and she changed the 'My Dear' to 'Babe' Why is she calling my husband 'Babe' and he made a comment saying , " Babe, How are you , hope you are fine" he called her 'Babe' too , but my own comment his wife he just liked. And that girl or woman deliberately edited her comment to 'babe' so that I should see if not why did she edit her comment after mine. I asked him about the lady and he became very angry , I have never seen my husband angry that way and now he has put a password in his handset.

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What you are looking for you will surely get it. She has been trying hard to catch her husband committing Adultery and she did. Now no peace in her home, she has stirred the sleeping dog. People will go and wake up trouble Pastors that know nothing suffer for it. The Bible said be anxious over nothing but pray over that thing you are suspecting.

Let's try and trust our spouses and always pray for them that's what the Bible said and not to try and catch our spouses. I have never opened my wife's handset trying to see how she chat with men. And my wife has never picked my phone trying to see my conversation with women.

I know a man who met me and said Pastor I want a divorce , why divorce ? I asked him. My wife is committing Adultery. How do you know Sir. I used to listen to her conversation with men. They will be laughing and booking appointments with each other. How do you know? Pastor anytime a man call her , I go to our window and listen to everything they are saying, she doesn't know I am behind the window. Is it because I don't have a stable job and she , she has money the husband complained. Have you caught her red-handed before with a man ? And he answered no. So how are you sure she is committing Adultery? I asked him. Pastor I am very sure of what I am saying.

I called the wife and the husband for a meeting after church. Now say what you The husband repeated everything as he told me. The wife laughed and said Pastor don't mind my husband. I don't know what kind of attitude is that, how can I cheat on my.husband. My husband don't like men calling me for God sake, I am a law enforcement officer , I have men under me and I have men above me we are discussing things to do with the office our work my work . Sometimes if I cannot go to work they call me while at home. But my husband will be angry asking why are they calling me. He doesn't like to see a man call me what kind of Jealousy is that.

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A Pastor came last week and told me Sir , I had a problem with my wife but thank God we have resolved it. My wife dreamt that she saw me making love to 7 women at Thesame time because she saw it in a dream it means it is true she told me. She was insisting I should confess to her. She made me to swear Pastor, I wife since I married her about 8years ago , I don't know anything call another woman. I am a Pastor I told her and I believe in the word of God , I can never cheat on her, the Pastor explained to me. Thank God you have resolved it , I encouraged the Pastor. Brethren when you dream about something it doesn't mean it is happening or it is so. The devil also gives dream. See how the devil gave Pastor's wife an Idea about her husband through dream. The woman believe her dream is true not until God intervene.

What you are looking for you will get it. Let us try and trust our spouses as we pray for them. The world is evil , I know alot of adultery and fornication is going on but let us avoid trying to catch our spouses Instead let us do more of prayer for them so that they will not fall into such sin.

Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.
Philippians 4:6

Good morning and remain blessed

Azzaman Azzaman


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