Effective Way of Using WordPress Mobile App for Publishing



One of the trending app that million of user with WordPress website find it convenient for publishing is WordPress Mobile application.

On this tutorial we are going to teach you the effective ways of using WordPress Mobile application for your publishing.

Firstly, WordPress Mobile application is free and and can be downloaded on google Play Store, and Apple play store.

WordPress on google play store

After download and successfully install and login with your user name and password, it will take you the next environment shown below:

The above is exact WordPress Mobile application environment, were you can easily create and published your report.

To begin tying your contents, there are two options, to go into editing environment.

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First option is clicking on red circle below, two options will be display, asking you post and page, since you want to created post, click on post, it will take you to editing environment were you can begin your typing.

Second option is to click on the post above as shown in the picture above, it will take you to environment below

Just like the first explanation we give above, click on the red circle below as shown on the picture above to created your contents.

After you are done in editing your contents, give your contents title if have not done that earlier.

What next is prepare your contents for final publishing.

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Some of the most important things is select categories for your content, featured image and tags for your contents.


Categories is the type of content you create, is it news report, technology or gossips.

Below show how to select categories for your content.

To select categories, click on the 3 dot after published option above the editing environment, it will take you to page below

After that, click on the post Settings, as show on the above picture, it will take you to another page below.

Above picture display all the settings required before you can published your report.

You can now click on categories seen above to select your categories.

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After categories, is another option, tags, click on the tags to select or add tags to your contents.

After tags come, Set Featured Image.

Click on the set featured image to add featured images to your contents.

That is the end of this tutorial.

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