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When we talk about cloud storage, majority of us think of one product which is Dropbox.dropbox It's the granddaddy of cloud storage providers, having been in existence since 2007. Although plenty of competitors exist in the same market, Dropbox is still hugely popular in the market, remaining a simple and clear product that still appeals to millions of buyer(user).

Dropbox continues to introduce new features, which makes it popular and that is why it rank very well in our best cloud storage shortlist. It has excellent collaboration tools, offering seamless integration with both Microsoft office and Google Docs.

Dropbox isn't very expensive, and its "smart sync"feature keeps your hard drive storage in check.its not the most accurate and secure provider out there, and its privacy policy leaves plenty to be desired.if you need a cloud storage service that focuses on privacy, you will need to look at others like pCloud (you can check our pCloud review to find out more ).

However, if you are looking for a cloud storage service that makes collaborating on shared documents simple and effective, then Dropbox is still a good choice. Read on as we take a good look at one of the biggest names in cloud storage in this Dropbox review, or take it for a spin yourself using the free plan

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