Don't Reject Man with hard work and Prospect because He earn less than 20k per month - Aisha advise ladies


Woman by name Aisha has taken to social media to revealed how she got married to a man who earn 20k to 25k a month five years ago, but now have a successful marriage, with respect from her husband.

Aisha made the revelation while responding to question, "Can You Married a man who earn 20k to 25k a month? "

After revealing how their journey so far, she advise ladies not to reject a man with hard work and prosperity.

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She said "I did 5years ago and today our story has changed for good, Alhamdulillah!!! With prayers and support for each other we pulled through 🙏we live in our personal house, we both have our car and I run a very good business, since I can't get a job yet👌 am glad he always remember were we started from and treats me with so much respect cuz I supported him wen he had nothing, now that God has blessed him he never fail to remind me that am his lucky charm💃pls my dear single sisters, wen u see a man with prospect and hard working pls don't reject him cuz of his present condition, who knows, u might just be the 1 that will bring good luck to him💖"

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