Russia Successfully Tested Hypersonic weapon on President Putin Birthday [Video]



Russia has successfully tested Hypersonic weapon.

The weapon was tested today 7th of October 2020, which is the birthday of President Vladimir Putin.

Putin who announced the successful testing of the weapons after testing said

Putin said

For the President's birthday! Hypersonic weapon has been successfully tested and will begin service with submarines and ships of Russia. Putin was shown the successful launch of the Zircon rocket - almost 9 times faster than the speed of sound at the altitude of 28 kilometers. The ground target is hit precisely. Hypersonic weapon, which none of the countries have the ability to intercept, is now beginning service with the Russian fleet. And soon will enter the ground forces as well. This is the best way to force peace for those who want war. Russia has never attacked first, we always had to defend ourselves and repel someone else's aggression. With such weapons, there is hope that we will not be bothered for 10-20 years, and during this time we will finally get back on track the economy and living standards after the collapse of the USSR. This is a good signal to Western countries: for the first time in history, you have no military advantage over Russia! Therefore, NATO can rest and stop conducting offensive exercises near the Russian borders

Watch the video below when the weapons was lunched.

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