Marry Man Who Will always Put You in the Mood of Sex — Anita Joseph


The newly married actress, Anita Joseph, had advise ladies to marry a man that gets them in the mood whenever their eyes meet.

The movie star and entrepreneur warn married women who too let their guards down shortly after marriage.

Anita Joseph

Anita Joseph and Husband

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“There is need to marry that man that whenever you see him you’re in the mood. Marry that man that you are fully sexually attracted to. Marry your paddy. I can’t stop wearing bum shorts because I am married. What is outside is a lot and scary. So, be wise and protect your home. Be sweet and tantalizing for your husband. Even if you have kids, don’t stop dressing hot and sexy. Shave your armpit, clean up. If not, the man would run away. Be hotter than that chic outside. Don’t allow those small girls steal your man. We hear men would always cheat despite all, but at least do your part,” she advised.

Speaking further, Mrs Olagunju revealed how her husband, Michael Fisayo Olagunju grabs her at every corner of their house.

”You need to see me in the kitchen, my husband grabs me everywhere. That you are married with kids doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do shakara, this is the time to do shakara. Why are you tying wrapper? You husband needs to see you how you were when you guys met, I know some things might have changed, but keep up. Don’t be like a mad woman, take care of yourself.”

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