A Letter To My Single Brothers From 25-30 Years


Don't make mistakes some of our Fathers or our Senior Brothers made.

Marry now with the little you have. Don't wait to be a millionaire or billionaire.

Have kids early so you can grow
with them. Grow with your kids and succeed with your wife.
Don't plan to marry after making money because the fact is that you will never finish making money so start your life early with a wife by your side, with consistency you will grow.
An elder once said this to me,
When I was 25, I was talking about making billions before I marry.
Many years later, billions didn't come, yet no kid, no wife. I had an opportunity to marry the most beautiful love of my life very early, but my fear was, can I really take care of her? Now she's married with four grown up children . The guy that married her was still schooling then, but had the courage to marry her. They worked hard and succeeded together.
Please if you can feed yourself, you can feed your wife.
You have to believe it, marry early, don't wait. Don't make our mistakes, I see my childhood friends play with their kids. Most of them are not doing as well as me but they are happier with their families.
Trust me, marrying isn't all about money only but rather your maturity. Your happiness depends entirely on your wisdom and the way you handle life. With a well planned life, you will be happier.

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Please don't be 60 years old and your kids are in their 20's or even worst still 10's. What are you supposed to be at that age, their grandfather?

Please young men, take my advice seriously.

Marry, don't be afraid, that girl you are finding too many fault in has many good qualities if you look well.

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Don't think you will get every thing before you settle down.
God can change your life in a blink.
Truth is some mens success and expansion are attached to their marriage.
A right and good woman will accept you even at your lowest state as long as you have discovered your purpose and you are ready to pursue it or on it already.

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If you have a good woman who know your worth and capacity now, yet ready to settle and build with you, you have a treasure…. marry her.

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