Talk Zone: Man Who Marry More than one wife, Helps women or a womanizer?



The issue of Marry more than one wife is one of the controversial issue with an endless discussion in Africa.

Actually, African tradition permit men to marry many wives as they can.

In the old days husband with many wives are refer to real man and respected in society.

Their loyalty come not because they have many wives, but because he take care of them, and possible give birth to many children which will help him work in the farm.

Man with many wives have the largest farms, and their wealth are measure by the sizes of their farms.

Since the inception of modern day religions, Africans has been thrown into confusion.

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In Islam four wives is permitted for a man if he can take good care of them.

Why in Christianity, is a sin to marry more than one wife.

Research has confirm that woman are more than men, and naturally every African man want to have more than one wife, but the society will not let them.

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That is the reason a man will keep one in the house as wife, and have two as side Chic.

Some people sees marry more wives is help to the womanhood, while some sees as womanizer.

The question now is, their are many woman in wold than men, so man that marry more women, are they womanizer or they help reduce the numbers of single woman?

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