Vladimir Putin Russian Says He Buckled to avoid Paying a fee



He said " Putin buckled to avoid paying a fee.
The President opened a new Tauride highway while driving a car. Moreover, it was the new Russian Aurus, with Crimean numbers. Now in Crimea traveling by car will become comfortable and fast - travel time will be reduced by three times. There will be no traffic and passages through populated localities. Crimea is becoming an increasingly modern and comfortable resort center after becoming a part of Russia in 2014. During this time, a new airport, the Crimean bridge and a new highway across the entire peninsula were built. There have been no such large-scale infrastructure transformations in Crimea since the USSR times. So now you can enjoy the scenery and air of Crimea, arriving by plane, coming by train or racing by car. The main thing, like Putin did, is to comply with the rules: fasten your seatbelts and not exceed the permitted speed!" President Vladimir Putin of Russia

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