How To Melt Your Man's Heart And Make Him Propose


Men do not like to marry a woman who is desperate to marry. Men like to marry a woman who believes in what they believe.

If you're job oriented;
Imagine a woman who asks for your CV to help you submit to different prospective employers.

If you're entrepreneurial minded;
Imagine a woman who makes research and write a comprehensive business plan and proposal or hires an expert to do that for you if they can't do it by themselves.

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If you're a little disappointed with life;
Imagine a woman who encourages you all the time, who makes you believe that your dreams are possible if only you push forward without relenting.

If you're goal oriented;
Imagine a woman who gives you better plan to achieve your goals.

If you have a business idea;
Imagine a woman who invests in you and supports you until you achieve your dreams.

Such women are rare nowadays.

What most ladies in relationship care is when their men will give them a surprising proposal so they can say YES and post on social media.

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They fake goodness to lure the man into marriage. They pretend to love you when what they love is marriage.

Men don't like to marry desperate women. Men like to marry valuable women. Women who support them. Women who help them reach their dreams. Women who are NATURAL and REAL. Assets not liabilities.

This man could gladly follow his woman to market to buy food items.

This man could gladly join his woman in the kitchen to make food.

This man could gladly take his woman to salon and patiently wait as she make her hair.

This man could gladly take his woman out for shopping, tourism, amusement, concerts etc


Because she stepped into his game, so he stepped into hers.

Just like in business, every woman needs USP (Unique Selling Point) something exceptional, something only you or very few women can offer.

Every man knows a lot of good single beautiful and lovely women. But a man likes to marry most especially a woman who has UNIQUE VALUES and QUALITIES.

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If ALL a woman can bring to the relationship table is

Good food
And keeping the house clean

As good as this Virtues are, you still have a slim chance of keeping this man forever, because this virtues are COMMON to most typical African women. Most women out there can provide same services and so you're replaceable.

To win a man's heart, do for him what no or most women cannot do for him.

A man can get good sex, good food, good laundry and good care anytime he wants from anywhere. But a man cannot easily get a woman who believes in what he believes.

Most women can have sex, cook, wash cloths and clean house, and most women do. Especially, desperate women do. But most women cannot help a man actualize his dream. Especially when they are only in relationship.

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Every man loves a woman who believes in what he believes. A man who has a dream wants a woman who can bring a PLAN; a woman of ideas, strategies, savings, prudence and emotional support, no man would want to leave such a woman. She is an INVALUABLE ASSET - a woman who cream his dream.

Its not only about the good looks. In fact, ugly women get married faster this days than beautiful women. Most ugly women have very beautiful brain, and they cage their men with beautiful character.

Remember, sweet food, sweet looks, sweet sex, sweet cloths and sweet names are all sweet to your sweetheart, but the sweet that sweets a Man most is his sweet DREAMS. Cream his dream and he wouldn't waste time to propose.

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