Whatsapp Working On Android To iOS Chat Sync


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One of the most long-standing issues which lowers WhatsApp over other social platforms is its inability to carry forward its Android data over to iOS and vice versa. Countless users have experienced data (chat history) loss when switching from Android to iOS. Yet, there has been no proper official feature for such a common issue that plagues the popular platform. However, there seems to be hope as developers working on a new beta update, founded by WABetaInfo have unearthed a feature that will allow users to synch chat. 

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Chat Sync via WhatsApp Desktop

As you must be aware, the developers have already been working on making WhatsApp capable of running multiple devices simultaneously. The chat sync feature is part of it. As demonstrated by the source, WhatsApp Desktop was used to test the chat sync feature. However, since this a beta, it’s very likely that WhatsApp will allow mobile devices to be the main device. The desktop settings use Wi-Fi to download the data from the main device and sends it to the second device. Once two accounts will be synced, all connected devices will receive messages. WhatsApp also has an iPad app, so the feature will also work on iPhones and iPads.

A word of caution though. There was no demo about an Android to iOS chat sync. However, it looks likely in the future.

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