Top Ten Reasons why University of Maiduguri is the best University in Nigeria


By Emmanuel Onyekwere

1 . Zero Tolerance for Cultism: It is a common trend in most Nigerian Universities where there exist various cult groups whose activities are in most cases not secret as their name implies, they hold gatherings within their host institutions and harass other students, sometimes disrupt the smooth running of affairs on campus, this is not the case in Unimaid. Any student coming University of Maiduguri should allay every fear of cult activities or being harassed by anyone, cultism is not heard here. We have no space for cultists here, if you are one and cannot denounce, walk home from here – Unimaid VC speaking at the 2017 Matriculation ceremony.

  1. No Rape case/Drug related cases: Unimaid has distinguished herself once again as there has never been any case of rape or drug abuse in the Campus. There is no fear of anything of such for all Unimaid aspirannts especially among ladies.
  2. Academic excellence: In case you are not aware Unimaid’s second name is The center of excellence. This is not a given name rather a merited one. University of Maiduguri has excelled in many areas of academic excellence having produced many great men and women who are piloting the affairs of our great nation, Nigeria. You cannot mentions leading researchers in Nigeria without a mention of Unimaid alumni. In her last convocation ceremony, Unimaid gave Nigeria 78 first class graduates, which other University does that? Read also….. Unimaid Graduates 78 first class…..
  3. Best examination Mode: “ I t may interest you to know that Unimaid is the first Nigerian University to fully adopt the electronic examination” –
    Unimaid VC speaking at the SUG Essay Competition/Debate on E-examination. Electronic test is no doubt the future of reviving Nigerian education which has been hit so bad by examination irregularities. It helps to eradicate examination malpractice while ensuring that no student’s grade is reduced as is characterized in archaic examination modes. If you write your examination or test in Unimaid, you see your result before leaving the hall and the results are afterwards made available online. I call this transparency, what do you call it?
    Unimaid Ultra-modern E-Exam Center
  4. Security: There is no doubt Unimaid is located in the center of the Terrorist activities in Northeast Nigeria, yes! but may I shock you? the University has never been shut down for security concerns at any time. This is a proof of the formidable security of the institution. The security agencies are working round the clock to ensure that Unimaid Campus is a safe haven for students and staff. “ This is the most peaceful place I’ve ever known in my whole life” – a Postgraduate students attests after spending two months in Unimaid. You need to see for yourself!
  5. Infrastructure/Accommodation: With no sugar in my tongue, I must say there is no University with more infrastructures than Unimaid thanks to the Architect of modern Unimaid, Prof. Ibrahim A. Njodi. Talk of Accommodation? University of Maiduguri has over 40 hostel blocks with a minimum capacity of 250 students per block.
    Read also…… Unimaid Hostels
    One of Unimaid Hostels
    Unimaid Senate Building.
  6. Transportation: This is yet another interesting part of Unimaid, with a very organized transport system within the Campus and they cost less than groundnut. Students living both within and outside Unimaid Campus have not, will not and will never have hitches moving around to attend their lectures and other engagements. Interestingly, Unimaid Students’ Union Government are there to ensure that the price is not hiked for any reason whatsoever. Read also…… S.U.G Walkway for Students.
  7. Low cost of living: Unimaid’s low cost of living is also very instrumental in reducing the burden of parents and many self-sponsored students. Imagine where you pay as low as ten thousand naira in a hostel for one year, eat a plate of your favorite meal at one hundred and fifty naira, free water, constant power supply and still counting. You can’t beat that!.
  8. Self– development: From entrance, Unimaid begins to train her students to be self-reliant with her numerous development programs in which students get to learn any skill of their choice (outside their course of study). Unimaid does not just train you to have a degree in your chosen field but also acquire a skill that will not just last a lifetime but put food on the table. Take a chance!.
  9. Low Tuition Fee: Saying that Unimaid tuition fee is cheap is not but an overstatement because it is not far from free. It is an incontrovertible fact that Unimaid is the cheapest University in Nigeria. It is very affordable for parents and self-sponsored students. You have no reason not to get your desired degree as Unimaid has got you covered.
    The above is just a tip of the iceberg, you will get to discover a lot yourself. If you want to be made, come to Unimaid.
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