An analysis of Ozo by Nnamdi Orié. True or false?

An analysis of Ozo by Nnamdi Orié. True or false?


An analysis of Ozo by Nnamdi Orié. True or false?

Nnamdi Orié, an Information technologist took to his social media page to give this analysis of BBNaija housemate and current HoH, Ozo.

This analysis is based purely on the recent events in the house. Do you think he's right or wrong? Read him

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"Who is Ozo.

Ozo is the kind of Man that will put his wife at the forefront and stay back so that he can answer the Good Man title. Ozo is the kind of Man that will say "Let me discuss with my wife first" So it will look like it's his wife that told him not to give you that gift, that money, that job or whatever it is. He is spineless and loves psuedo operations. Operating through a vessel. He will never operate himself. He needs a vessel.

So you go around hating on the wife and calling Ozo a good Man. "if not for the influence of his wife, Ozo would have given me that money".. "Ozo is a good Man but his wife is the problem" That is the kind of person Ozo is. A smart coward.

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Now he is acting like he is trying to be peaceful with lucy. But deep inside his mind. Lucy is doing his bidding. He wants to get rid of Dora. But he doesn't have the balls to do it, so Lucy saying all this is what he wants. But he will pretend and act angry. Try to meet Dora and Nengi. To maintain his good Man status. He will pretend to be confused, he will play stupid. As long as it keeps him innocent and looking good. That's all he cares about.

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He will never be direct. Not because he can't be. But because you can hold him accountable. In order to avoid accountability. He will never ever be direct. He will play games. Nengi is not the problem. Ozo is. And i don't think these HM's are smart enough to desipher his antics. I have a criminal mind. Cause i don't trust anyone. So i read people easily. I know that there is always an angle cause we're all humans. I'll talk about Erica tomorrow.

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