Man Explain How Yoruba Lady told him why her mother will swear for her, if she marry Igbo Man


Nnamdi UK, as he go by his twitter handle name explained what a Yoruba told him why her mother will swear for her if she marry an Igbo man.

He said that the Yoruba Lady said , her mother will swear for if she decide to marry Igbo man, because Igbos take properties if husband died.

"Absolutely but Nigerians can’t understand this because they can’t give their reasoning for understanding

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A Yoruba lady came juggling on me and within the shortest time she started talking about Marriage I was calm & didn’t want to say anything because it was too early

And she is still the one hustling to train them and her word was if I had refused to listen to that lie I wouldn’t be in this mess of marrying different men that put me in this stress

Individual habit is different from Ethnic or even family . Don’t Generalize on character

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But as a man who have met people I know that doesn’t spell Yoruba Race it is just an individual understanding

A Yoruba woman told us she wanted to Marry an Igbo man & her people deceived her that IGBOS are evil then she later married 4 different men having Children fir them

And she kept asking me to decide I told her we are just getting to know ourselves calm down

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The next thing from a Graduate is that my Mama will swear for me if I marry Igbo Man . I never told her anything ooo I looked at her & asked her are you ok? Your mum that barely tried

Anything in life except marrying and given birth would dictate for you on what u will do in life long issue ?

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I asked her why wld she? She said IGBOS take husband property when the man die. I was like 😳 who will die me? I just say ppl dey shaa education don’t educate Nigerians"_Nnamdi UK tweet.

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