Blogger, Amanda Chisom gives an analysis of BBNaija's Nengi

Blogger, Amanda Chisom gives an analysis of BBNaija's Nengi


Blogger, Amanda Chisom gives an analysis of BBNaija's Nengi

Blogger, Amanda Chisom gives an analysis of BBNaija's Nengi

"Let me break Nengi down for you people

Lol it is the men panting after her... she did not force them. She is using sexual capital which any sensible fine girl should use, I use it in abundance.

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Everybody who has said I like you, she plainly told no, but continue flirting with them. She has a relationship she values and is more interested in sending a message to her man that it is just game.

If any of you cannot see what that girl is doing sorry. Because if I am in the house that is what I will do it. I won't use because of big brother and lose relationships wey dey support baby girl life for boys who no sabi anything.

You want her to be with Ozo who has 3 sisters and igbo that will tell her stories later, you want her to go to Prince who is still in his 20s and from a royal family that will tell her stories later. Or Kiddwaya who is obviously a chip off the block.

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Una dey ever think of tomorrow. Hell no, she has accessed and thought it through none of these boys is worth a man who flies you business class anywhere in the world to be with you.

So If you want to stay till day 91 you get a hand into all the pies, while staying loyal to your future. These guys are not going to marry her and give her a bella naija wedding nah.

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If Kidd fvcks Erica at night with Nengi being aware she will still wake up in the morning and cling to him and blink like a doll.

Self preservation means you are loyal to your future. Her future is obviously brighter with the boyfriend than these children.

I should fall in love with people fighting for 30 million with me and lose track while I have a man who is well worth over that??

Shipping might be cute but one person lose and fades into the shadow of the other, look at Ike, Look at Nina.

Once you ship votes divide. If Nengi ships Ozo or Anyone at the end of the season we must sacrifice one for the other. That strategy na bush fallow.

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Kiddwaya is the Male version of Nengi, he came her to jonz, once he lives this house Erica don go because the girls waiting to knack him are buying push up bra and on third hook of their waist trainer.

Are you people learning , see learn street oh. I have picked my girl for the season. It is Nengi, I still dey look others but this babe wey dey reason like real portharcourt girl is my Miracle and Efe."

– Amanda Chisom

Blogger, Amanda Chisom gives an analysis of BBNaija's Nengi

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