Ignorance Of What Relationship Is, Is A Serious Problem



By Johnson Amah

Most folks don't know what dating is. Most girls think is requesting for money or phone or any luxury from guys, n guys give money and request for sex as well. Guess you're burdened by the request you're receiving or it's a recycled post.

Take some knowledge.
What is the purpose of relationship? To find someone that compliments your value.
To find a future spouse.

What is dating?
Some have seen relationship as two people of the opposite sex meeting today n having sex tomorrow in a week , or months time. That's what is rampant among most youths.
That is not the goal of relationship.
What's the goal of relationship? To find someone that compliments your values.
What is relationship?
Relationship is a time two people of the opposite sex get to know their self to see if they are compatible for the future based on values. If u start dating a person and you observe values don't compliment, u back off.

In dating, sex is out of the equation. Sex is exclusively for married folks. Married people can handle the consequence of sex. Most people dating can't…!
Premarital sex in dating is why we have a lot of abortions n lots of single mom as well.

Most people who have frequent sexual urge are the architect of their problem. They're been hunted by what they're feeding their mind on. If u watch pornography or stay with bad company, you'll have it. It's garbage in garbage out.
If u can manage your mind, u can manage your life. When ever u feel it, pursue your goal, read a book, listen to edifying music n message.

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Be that as it may, relationship time is, is for value check. If yours is taking of orphan, your ignorance is fixed now. It's Not time for requesting for money or material things. Love should be mutual. Both parties can give each other gifts. The dude is not your parent. He's meant to give when he feels he should give. So, if u can't change that mindset, be ready for sex when he request for it. Ungodliness=ungodliness.

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Nevertheless, your belief determines your lifestyle.


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