Dr Stella Called on the Attention of President Trump before her claim on covid-19 cure with Hydrochloroquine. - Chidi Cali


Dr Stella Immanuel & Hydrochloroquine.

Dr Immanuel, the Nigerian Graduate and US based doctor whose Hydrochloroquine “curing” testimony video has gone virus in the last 2 days is still a topic of discussion globally.

As a non medical person, I can assume that she may be right in her assumption and calculation, but regrettable, she exposed herself to unreasonable controversy as her claim was not backed by any evidence and lacked details.
The hospital trust she work for has not received up to 500 COVID patients since March (below 300), but she claimed administering the drug to ‘1000s’ of patients. (This is a Red Flag).

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However, she must not forget the field she is dealing with and it’s process ridden tradition.
Medicine is evidence based not practiced on the media. She should have published her findings in medical journals for peer review and scholastic analysis.

We had a similar claims from Madagascar and her COVID-19 Therapy, after their local researchers put the tonic on the line, it was proven to be a mere political and propaganda drug.
Some people innocently sticked their neck for the drug and in turn blackmailed those that doubt its potency.
Hundreds of cartons brought into Nigeria will be chalked away as it could not pass the simple drill from NAFDAC.

I am not here to support or disagree with Dr Immanuel because there is zero data to look at, but disappointed that she consciously strives to mix her job with politics.

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Requesting for the President’s attention instead of the FDA, her professional body and relevant regulatory agencies gave her motives out.
There is no record from her hospital, Medical Director, supervisors corroborating her her stand alone claims.

Coronavirus 2019 being a novel virus, hospitals, Health services and local authorities in Europe and the US documents patients, virus variants, administered therapy and related treatments to get better understanding. This is the reason we are having lower mortality now compared to March to Mid-June.

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