BBNaija : Summary of last night in the house

Summary of last night in the house


Summary of last night in the house

BBNaija : Summary of last night in the house

Here is a concise summary of what went down in the house last night.

"Yesterday, at night, after everyone had gone to bed, Nengi and Ozo had their usual rendezvous...Ozo pressing forward, Nengi retreating 😃

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Trust me, this was so interesting to watch, because she indirectly rebuffed all his advances.

On the other side of the garden was Wathoni and BrightO...she was kind of confiding in him about her interactions with Kidd and how he makes a lot of sexual hints to her.

BrightO adviced her to go ahead and make a move on Kidd...

For me, it will all end in tears with Kidd because that boy is obviously just having his fun and any of these girls that takes his advances seriously is settling herself up for a very great disappointment.

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When they dispersed and Nengi and Wathoni retired into the HOH lounge, they had a little talk, and Nengi asserted that she would not have anything to do with Ozo because she has her heart somewhere outside the house, with a man who has done a lot for her and changed her life, and she would not dare disrespect him by initiating any relationship of a romantic/sexual kind.

Wathoni also replied that she’s open to whatever because she had a man but he’s been Exed by her a few days to the BBnaija lsolation for bad behavior.

Today is the HOH task, the winner and the deputy chosen by the winner are going to be safe this week, and every other HM will be put up for Eviction...

I really want Praise out of the house because he acts like The Director of the show and is often condescending to Laycon.

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P.S Why do people get worked up and all in their feelings when people don’t like their favorite?

You look dumb headed when you attack/insult people for criticizing your favorite because you also have your least favorite person too!

Everyone can not like your favorite and something you think is a kind act, might be taken as a malicious act by another because one mans meat is another man’s poison.

Everyone bought their wifi and dstv subscription and you have absolutely no right to dictate to them a point of view to take.

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Let me break it down for the Half-wits

Ka3na might look like Confident to you, but Obnoxious to me.

Nengi might look sweet to you, but Sly to me.

BrightO might look Sluggish to you but collected to me.

Gather your acts together and stop being a mess all over the Internet just because the next person does not like your Favorite."

– Lighthouse Beacon

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