Kogi LGA Political Setback cause of developmental retardation


For quite sometime, I have tried as much as I could to comprehend and evaluate how politics are been played in Kogi Local Government but it's really unfathomable.

Abubakar Mubarak Musa

Kogi LGA Political sphere is full of insincerity, sentiment, deceit, hatred and mischievous activities, where one personal interest outshine that of the masses. Kogi LGA is blessed with people with great ideas, rectitude, compassionate and empathic individuals who are willing to serve her people in numerous portfolios.

If Leaders in Kogi LGA are sincere, just and faithful enough, opportunity should always be given to those who have the requisite and can discharge a saddled responsibility diligently not to the naive minded people who are not up to date on what it takes to govern and not willing to server but persuaded for selfish interest.

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" Those whom I regard as leader are those who through them many people have made it". In Kogi LGA you barely find leaders who have produced leaders or who is willing to produce leaders or elevate people, they're majorly concern of their immediate family. Leaders in Kogi LGA are not worth emulating.

If this Local Government must grow, then progressive minded Leaders irrespective of their Political affliation must unite to correct the wrongs and unravel the possible problems hindering development.
Sadly, Youth who are seen as leaders of today are been brainwashed and used as their weapons to cause havoc within the Local Government Area. Youth need to wake from slumber.

For the aspiring politician in Kogi LGA, you must be energetic, focus committed and firm and must not depend on any leader to elevate you. You will have to struggle for it because if you must trail on the path of this leaders you will definitely go no where.


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