Instagram user, Esther, drags her trainer for tribal humiliation

Instagram user, Esther, drags her trainer for tribal humiliation


Instagram user, Esther, drags her trainer for tribal humiliation

Instagram user, Esther, drags her trainer for tribal humiliation

Instagram user, Esther, drags her trainer for tribal humiliation

Esther Ifeakanwa Odili, an Instagram user has taken to the social media platform to drag her skills acquisition trainer identified as @everjoyworld for using her tribe to humiliate her.

The young lady, Esther, wrote in details how an avoidable scuffle excalated simply because she was from a different tribe as her trainer.

Esther wrote,

"I’ve never been this humiliated in my life. I had contacted TemmyTope Orubuloye @everjoyworld who runs an event management company, to organise a surprise package for a loved one in September.

We negotiated on the price and I saved her contact so I can get back to her when the date is near.

Last week I saw on her WhatsApp status where she advertised for training at her center at the rate of 30k.

I saw that as an opportunity to acquire a skill pending when schools will be reopened for me to resume my Pgde studies.

I contacted @everjoyworld again, she offered accommodation for the training and I told her I could alternate going back home and staying at the centre.

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She sent me her account number and I transferred the 30k to her. I just badly wanted to maximize this period.

She asked me to come over to the shop to get my apron and my cap which I did.

On getting there, I perceived she was operating on the traditional style of apprenticeship where you have to fear your boss.

She was standoffish to me, was always talking to me in a condescending tone and carried that air of “I’m the boss”.

I never complained or bothered, I knew I could manage the situation, but I began to regret why I did the training because in as much as I knew I could manage the situation, I yearned for a healthy learning environment.

I was praying silently every morning for God to just let the situation remain the way it is and not escalate.

Only for me to get to the centre on the third day of my resumption which was 11th of July, Temmytope orubuloye ,@everjoyworld called my name, and I replied yes, the next thing she said whenever she calls me, I should reply “ma”.

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I smiled and told her I will not reply her ma, that I’m here to learn and we’re both young ladies, and I respect her a lot and calling anyone “Ma” shouldn’t be an issue.

A friend of her’s started shouting at me that I’m proud, I’m not submissive and I’m not humble.

I was dumbfounded, like I don’t know you, I didn’t negotiate any contract with you, so what’s your own in the matter.

The next thing @everjoyworld, her friend and the ladies that claim to be her sisters started raining insults on me, and pushing me.

@everjoyworld said, she never accepts Igbo people. You didn’t know I was Igbo when you collected my money?

One of the girls mentioned that I did not go down on my knees to greet @everjoyworld’s Mum the first day I saw her.

I was stupefied, I greeted her mum courteously when I saw her, I didn’t know that was not enough for them and they wanted more.

The friend picked a horsewhip (koboko) on the table and was about to whip me with it until she was held back.

@everjoyworld then asked me to leave, that she wasn’t going teach me for that day, I told her I wasn’t going to leave until she gave me a refund which she refused blatantly.

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I called my sister and my boyfriend who advised me to go lodge a complaint at the police station, which I did and the police woman advised me to go back there that there would be no refund if I decide to leave.

I opted to walk away without a refund. I can’t learn in a toxic environment where my tribe is a problem and where someone will threaten to whip me.

I went home and I wept. Thank God for my loving family and friends.

Everjoyworld, I paid you to teach me pastries making, and not to be treated as an inferior. I’m so heartbroken and traumatized."

Instagram user, Esther, drags her trainer for tribal humiliation


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