Magu and Anti Corruption Conundrum - Jibril Usman


Jibril Usman.

By Jibril Usman

Nuhu Ribadu was the pioneer Chairman of EFCC, nothing we didn't hear about Ribadu; from his supposed mansions in Dubai, UK to billions stashed away in foreign banks. This was under the late President Umaru Musa Yar'adua's administration.

They heckled and hounded him to no avail and tactically sent him to NIPSS, Kuru where even on passing out day, they still went after him, asserting that he could not wear the AIG rank and ceremonial dress.

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Aondoaka as the Attorney General of the Federation gave Ribadu all the tough time.

Today, Ribadu is celebrated globally with awards, got his rank back, retired as AIG with no single trace of any loot to him.

Aondoaka was disgraced out of office, disrobed of the prestigious SANship of the Nigerian bar.

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Farida Waziri succeeded Ribadu. She was accused of all sorts of things, heckled, frustrated and finally had her sack announced on Twitter under Goodluck Jonathan's Administration.

Farida Waziri had a running battle with Aondoaka and later Muhammed Adoke as Attorney Generals of the Federation till her exit.

Today, Farida is enjoying her peace in retirement like Ribadu. Adoke is facing charges of corruption with feigned deteriorating health conditions.

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Ibrahim Lamurde succeeded Waziri. He was also the Director of Operations under Ribadu.

Like Ribadu and Waziri, Lamorde was said to have amassed wealth, live ostentatious lifestyle, own property across the globe and untouchable.

They did all they could and succeeded in pushing him out; from Adoke to Abubakar Malami.

Today, Lamorde is not just vindicated, he is a serving AIG and just got posted to the one of the newly created arms of the Police top hierarchy offices.

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Today is Ibrahim Mustapha Magu with the powers that be and Abubakar Malami as the poster boy of those bearing the placard of "Magu Must Go".

Magu was also Director of Operations under Lamorde.

Is this a road less travel or it is a regular route to nowhere?

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