Your Victory at the poll And court, vindicated You as election Rigger, Forgive and carry everybody along - Sanai To Gov Bello


Governor Bello
Governor Yahaya Bello

By Abir Sanai

Dear GYB, posterity wouldn't forgive me if I failed to draw your attention on issue that could Mar our dear state. First & foremost, Congratulations on your recent victory at appeal court challenging your first & second victory at both poll & federal high court. By looking at it critically one will conclude that God is at ur side reason while you should rule with precept and fear of Him (God)!!

Your victory at appeal court show that "mandate given to you by kogites is authentic hence, it was first upheld by Federal high court now appeal court". The judgement was debated & finalised by competent, unbiased lawyers & judges in Nigeria even though to some people was questionable. Though, no matter how generous or good you are, you can't satisfy all, as such, you shouldn't blame those that critics ur governance. May I remind u that "criticism Forster developement and to some extent without it, democracy will lost its originality & value.

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Sir, your victory at poll & d court verdicts which made you the legal leader in the state have vindicated you as "election rigger🤔", you shouldn't because of this "see anyone or those that went to court to challenged ur victory as ur enemy". I advice you to see everyone irrespective of their contribution towards your success as one and treat them as such, if need be, call erring opposing individual or group of them to order as that's d only way you will succeed and achieve your desires". You r d chiefs security of the state and also father to all kogites irrespective of our ethnic and political affiliation as such, do not segregate in d discharge of your constitutional duty.
The end of politics should be the happiness of not only those in gov't but all & sundry. I advice you to reach out to those that "contested with you in the last election to see if they can share an ideas with you on how the state could be develop economically and politically". As one beautiful #EbiraAdage stated that; "Ahi'oza Da'ayee ko'guto ovini" meaning, "you call someone before knowing that he or she is deaf". Why not invite them to join hands with you in developing our dear state? Then, if they refuse we would know who and who have the interest of the state at heart ❤️.
My happiness is to see my dear state competing with other states in Nigeria in terms of development and not otherwise. Concentration is all you need to develope our state reason why you should reconcile with them and moves on. I wish u all d best!

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