Enough is Enough, End the Doom in Toto Local Government Now, Ayikwu Egbira Onobihun Message to Nsarawa State Govt


Nasarawa State Governor. Engr. Sule

Life is precious, life is the most exceptional gift ever ceded by nature to man on earth.
Protecting the life is paramount, protecting life is the most salubrious act government can ever vow to actualise to her people. It is her fundamental obligations.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, the people of Toto Local Government had said;
10th July, 2020.

Toto Local Government has becomes a funeral ground on daily basis following the killings by unrevealed gunmen in the land.
Not a single location of the neighborhood is exempted from the scourge.

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Since early last year 2019, there an evolvement of distinct scenarios of insecurity that had depredating Toto and environ, ranging from Kidnapping for ransom, Cold-blooded killings (banditry) and all sort of inconceivable breach of security resulting to loss of lives and properties of the local inhabitants.
The concerned and affected people of this neighborhood had time without number reached out to the salient authorities of all level in the state for salvation but all seems to be neglected and the horrid unabated.
This is indubitably pushing the dwellers of these locations to the wall.
The absence of peace in Toto Local Government will have an adverse economic, social and human development failure in the lives of the people of Toto and Nasarawa State spatiotemporal as the locals were been threatened not to engage in a farming activities for the running year.
The people of Toto keeps saying that the government was only toying in all its approach in the issue of insecurity in Toto Local Government.
People keeps dying at every ding-dong but the government were inactive.

It came as a surprise to the people of Toto Local Government an obscene press briefing by the Executive Governor of our dear State during the democracy day speech pronouncing that normalcy had returned to Toto Local Government Council.
Sir, AYIKWU EGBIRA ONOBIHUN as a body representing the good people of Toto and encircle does not aligned or what so ever where the information stemed out and presented to you.

In Kokoto, three (3) persons were abducted on the Saturday 13th June, 2020, which the abductees were fortunate enough to get recaptured by the community members who placed a track instantly.

Before that incident, on the 28th April 2020 Alh. Ahmed Usman Onairo, a prince in Opanda kingdom and D.P.M. in position, the most hierarchy personality in Umaisha Development Area was kidnapped in his country home in Toto alongside his son. He was later released with the son after weighty bargaining.
If such personality has become defenceless in a society, come to talk of common masses who has no much security watchover.

On the 1st May, 2020 in Toto town, Nine (9) people who are working with a timber contractor were abducted and subsequently murdered by their captors.

On the 6th May, 2020 a car was attacked and two (2) people were abducted along Umaisha - Ugya road, four (4) killed instantly including a woman. Ransom was paid before the abductees were freed.
A day later, 7th May, 2020 there a spike tendency hitted on a moving car which one (1) life was claimed between Sofiyo and Ugya town.

16th May, 2020 was another conceal attack on Kolo locals where eight (8) people were headed to the bush on hostage.
The neighbourhood were seemingly astounded as the atrocities happening in a series as if there were no security presence in the vicinity.
The abductees were let go after payment of ransom.
The village was revisited by these evil doers on the same mission, four (4) persons nabbed as hostage but fortunately the villagers took a prompt trail to liberate the victims.
In all these roll dated incidences, Where? When? and How had the calmness returned to Toto Local Government?.

In Toto, on the 16th June, 2020 a woman and four (4) other children were held captive for over three weeks, the woman was later freed after ransom of N2m while the children yet to regain their freedom because more ransom is been imposed.
Recently, two young ladies and a young man being kidnapped in Umaisha for several weeks, they were subsequently leased with gunshots on each of their legs after taken the ransom.

Till this minute, there's this scenario of pulling trigger on commuters from Umaisha to Toto which the victims would either get killed, get mangled with gun wounds or narrowly escaping the attack.

A recent befall being 08 July, 2020 in Umaisha, two (2) brothers were shot, killed and held two in captive which the whereabouts of the victims isn't known to the public yet.
These are just a cumshaws among the recent inherent in the environ.

People keeps dying day in day out and the government is either folding her arms forsaking the aspect of security in the custody of the masses.
We call on the government at all level and the pertinent stakeholders in Nasarawa State and the Federal Government to rise to this task in dealing with this menace to a deadlock.

No peace in Toto yet, any information confirming to the government that peremptory peace had returned to Toto is malicious, abrupt lies, deceitful and just a ploy to shield the attention of the government from noticing the evil omen fashioning in Toto and to also get people of Toto discontented, troubled and or flee out of their ancestral land.
We are challenging the government in this dreaded happening in Toto to act, act prudently and fast.
If our votes matters then let our lives matters more to the government.
We shouldn't be ballot friendly but stumped after the election.

We said; ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, we are shoved to the wall.

If government had laid and forsaken every security architecture and the tactics in the hands of the masses, then let the government let the people of Toto know before we are outrightly wiped out of our ancestral land.

This calls for government concerned, this calls for government to take drastic measures in taking the bull by the horns.

Toto LG.


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