Woman insert Pepper inside Vagina of her 10yrs old house help, Burn her with hot iron, Nail her head [Photos]



Woman allegedly assault her house help.

Ifeanyi Orakwe, who share the story and the photos on his Facebook, wall said the woman insert pepper inside the poor girl Vagina, nail her head, burn her body with hot iron and lock her up in a dirty environment.

"this is the dictionary definition wickedness, heartlessness, cold-bloodedness, unfeeling, stony-heartedness, monstrousness etc

umunnem this idiot in the picture below did the following to her 10years old house-help (can't post the pictures cos facebook will block me)

she hit 9-inches nail into the poor girl's head
she inserted grinded pepper into the little girl's vagina
she used a very hot electric iron to design the little girl's body (her whole body)
she beat her till she lost consciousness
locked her in a dirty toilet

umunnem bikonu don't ever give birth to a child you can't take care of…

house helps go through unthinkable things these days…"

Ifeanyi Orakwe(hugeman)

Our finding reveal that the said woman was a 24-year-old woman named Ifeoma Ozuogu, she has been arrested alongside her husband by the police for allegedly inflicting injuries on her 10-year-old home help, which her name is Nneoma Nnadi, over the fall of her baby to the ground.

The incident happened on Wednesday at Aku in Igbo-Etiti Local Government Area of Enugu State

The brother to the young girl has confirmed that the woman and her husband will charge on Monday to court.

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