How to Leave in Peace as Muslim with your Fellow Human Being


Islam as we all know is stand for peace, as such as a Muslim, you are expected to leave in peace with your fellow Muslims.

As a human being, we are not born of the same parent, as such we should not expect the other person to behaved the same like Us.

Even people born of the same parent don't have the same behaviour.

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You can't leave in peace until you realize we born to behaved differently.

Don't be quick to Judge

One of the way to leave a peaceful life, is don't pass judgment quickly.

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Passing judgment quickly had crumbled many people life, Marriage, Relationship etc.

When you hear something they said someone's say about you, verified the information before passing any judgments.

And if perhaps the information come out to be true, don't approach him/her directly with anger.

That if it necessary for you approach him or her, but often it is advisable to ignore them, and leave your life.

Avoid argument

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If you ask me, I will said argument has no benefit.

What will you gain by engaged yourself with argument?

Absolutely nothing. So avoid it, is forbidden in Islam.

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