Chris Ottah - I didn't molest my daughter sexually

I didn't molest my daughter sexually - Chris Ottah


Chris Ottah - I didn't molest my daughter sexually

I didn't molest my daughter sexually - Chris Ottah

Chris Ottah - I didn't molest my daughter sexually

Chris Ottah has made a post on Facebook in response to the rape accusations levelled against him by his wife.

His wife accused him of sexually molesting their 8 year old daughter.

However, Chris Ottah has come out to deny the allegations and add that his wife, Ugochi Izugbara was accusing him falsely.

Chris wrote,


This is the most difficult post I have ever had to make...

On the 10th of June 2020 (about 3 weeks ago), my wife Ugochi G Izugbara put up a post on her facebook alleging that I sexually molested our 8 year old daughter, I was sexually involved with many ladies and that I had been living with another woman whom she claimed I was also having sexual intercourse with.


Owing to apparent irreconcilable differences that had lingered through our 3½ years of marriage, I did leave the house on 11th of May following a heated misunderstanding between us and stayed away at a VERIFIABLE location (not to live with a woman as alleged).

It therefore came as a huge shock to me when several people were calling, texting and sending me the screenshots of her defamatory posts.

My wife's posts were followed by her cousin Fortune Funcherry Izugbara calling me out on both her timeline and mine.

She rained terrible insults at me, calling me a pedophile, rapist and all sorts of ugly things.

Several of our mutual friends who believed those accusations were outrageously false pleaded with them to take down the posts but they refused.

I didn't just want to come online exchanging narratives with them as I perceived to be childish and baseless hence I sought counsel and also reported the matter to the Ministry of Women Affairs (on 15th June, 2020) requesting their involvement in investigating the allegations.

Following my complaint to the Ministry, a letter of invitation was sent to my wife to come along (on the 17th June, 2020) with our daughter for questioning (the ministry of women affairs has a line up of professionals and psychologists who can decipher, through questioning, if any form of sexual molestation occurred or not).

Incidentally my wife showed up with her parents and a lawyer on the said day without our daughter, the meeting was postponed to the 22nd of June, again they showed up without our daughter.

We moved the meeting for the 29th of June yet they still showed up without the little girl.

At this point it became glaring that they weren't going to comply with bringing the girl for questioning.

THIS ONLY GOES TO FURTHER PROVE THAT THE ALLEGATIONS ARE FALSE and that for obvious reasons they have refused to come along with the little girl for questioning.

If truly I were guilty of the accusations, how come I'm the one pressing for questioning?

How come they have refused to present as little as a hospital report proving that the little girls hymen has been tampered with?

How come I am the one more interested in prosecuting the matter than they themselves?

If a daughter has been raped, would her mother be so indifferent about the truth coming to light?

It hurt me more because my wife wrote that I was taking advantage of her as a single-mother whereas all I've always done is to show nothing but unfeigned love to our daughter whom I've taken as my very own daughter (But for this situation, many would never have known she was not my blood daughter).

My wife, her cousin and a few others took advantage of the several rape cases that have become a painful trend.

They deliberately attempted to discredit me as a Pastor.

Those who came to my inbox to rain curses on me made the same mistake many people make - jumping into conclusions without fully comprehending the situation reported.

Although I FEEL VERY HURT AND WOUNDED, although it is VERY PAINFUL for me to come public with a matter this sensitive, I'm left with no choice than to come out with THE TRUTH.

Many of you have been inspired by my life over the years. I write this because I honour you and you deserve to know the truth. Being a Pastor (moreso a believer in Christ Jesus) makes it difficult for us to respond to matters aggressively as people would often expect.

Not all Pastors are evil and deceitful. MANY of us are honestly serving God in truth the best way we know to.

This is one situation I can boldly tell you that a Pastor is innocent of the accusations leveled against him. If a bad Pastor wronged you, don't allow an innocent one pay for their crimes.

I do not attempt to make myself out to be a perfect man, however I WILL NOT take or accept liability for a crime of this magnitude which even my accusers very well know that I DID NOT commit.

Finally, I wish my accusers no evil. I leave them to God the Judge of all the earth. I have proofs, voicenotes, screenshots of messages and other materials for anyone interested in doing any investigative work on this episode.

I have nothing to hide. Those of you who insulted me owe me an apology. You hurt me but I trust God.

Kindly help me tag anyone you believe needs to see this post. To all those who held me up in prayers, supported with kind words, called to check up on me etc, may God honour you specially. God bless us all. Jesus is Lord!!!

Ps: I BEG YOU ALL IN GOD'S NAME don't go to her wall to insult her. Please don't. Let's not tow that ungodly route. Please I beg everyone. This post is just to bare the truth and not to portray anyone negatively."

Chris Ottah - I didn't molest my daughter sexually

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