7 Nigerian Celebs Who Have Once Wined And Dined With Hushpuppi (photos)


  • A Host Of Nigerian Celebrities Have Once Wined And Dined With Hushpuppi.

The Nigerian social media has been quite an interesting place to be since the beginning to the year 2020 seeing as there have been so many things to get people buzzing.

However, the topic that seems to be on the lips of many Nigerians is the fate of Instagram big boy, Ramon Igbalode Abbas aka Ray Hushpuppi.

Hushpuppi was recently arrested alongside some of his crew members by the FBI and police in Dubai in June 2020. The young man who was known for his extravagant social media lifestyle was captured and the moment was caught on a video which has since gone viral.

Since the video of the supposed big boy surfaced on the internet, a lot of people have shared hot takes on the issue. While many people condemned his alleged criminal activities, seeing as he was said to have defrauded close to two million people and was involved in a N168 billion scam, others however seemed to be more upset that he was not low key on social media knowing that his money was questionable.

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Since Hushpuppi’s arrest, some Nigerian celebrities have taken to social media to show solidarity, some of them include Bobrisky and actress Sotayo Gaga. Other celebs however have either kept mum or turned it to a teachable moment.

Today, we would be looking at 7 Nigerian celebrities who have hung out with Hushpuppi.

1. Davido:

Top Nigerian music star, David ‘Davido’ Adeleke has not left anybody in doubt about being a rich kid and it comes as no surprise that he would also hang out with people who seem to have a lot of money.

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Davido and Hushpuppi were on chummy terms and the social media big boy was even present at Davido’s brother’s Dubai wedding, Adewale Adeleke.

2. Lasisi Elenu: Nigerian social media comedian and skit maker, Lasisi Elenu, is also one celebrity who was in Hushpuppi’s good graces. The funny man had also been known to speak highly of Hush.

3. Daddy Freeze: Nigerian media personality and social critic, Daddy Freeze, is also one celebrity who has wined and dined with Hushpuppi.

A video recently made the rounds on social media of when Daddy Freeze and his fiancé were given a tour of Hushpuppi’s Dubai home.

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When they settled down to eat, Hush was spotted telling Freeze that his housekeeper collects N250,000 a month while his driver collects N700,000. Freeze then said that those who troll Hush on social media should let their father’s come and work as his driver.

4. Wizkid: Top Nigerian singer, Wizkid, has also hung out with Hushpuppi in the past. The duo was once spotted partying in Dubai.

5. Dino Melaye: Nigerian politician, Dino Melaye, was also one person who had Hushpuppi in his good graces. Hushpuppi was present at the politician’s Dubai birthday party in 2019.

However, after Hushpuppi was arrested, the politician took to social media to denounce his friendship with the alleged fraudster.

6. Mompha: Another Nigerian social media big boy, Mompha, was also once quite chummy with Hushpuppi, before they fell out.

The two were regarded as very good friends but things took another turn and fans speculated that it was over arguments of who was richer.

Mompha was also recently faced with a similar fate as Hush after he was picked up by the EFCC for issues bordering on fraud.

7. Atiku Abubakar: Hushpuppi was once pictured with Nigerian politician and former presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar.

The alleged criminal had even shown his support for Atiku during the presidential election. In the Instagram post he shared at the time, Hushpuppi wrote:

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“If I have to pick among the two old people who are our prime options (Buhari and Atiku) pls pick ATIKU, don’t say he chop our money before at least we or our parents didn’t commit sui*cide or turn internet beggars, we didn’t have to steal pants and endanger the lives of our women to survive, our economy was not in a standstill, our graduates didn’t have to go and explain what 5k can do in their life under giveaway posts on the internet. Please do what is right young and old people out there. Nigeria doesn’t need prayer, it needs right decisions.”

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