How to know your guy is GAY!!!


Many girls have actually walked up to be and be like do you know my guy is gay!!! Blah blah and I’m like yurrr this is the 21st century everyone is free to choose their sexuality...

So now I’m going to list down 6 different signs that your boyfriend is GAY:

1. He spends more time with his boys than you: If your guy spends more time with his "boys," or one in particular that you have yet to meet, there's a reason for this! Don’t be deceived me might not be playing with his boys as you think.

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2. He’s extremely HOMOPHOBIC: If your man has an extreme dislike for flamboyant gay men or your gay friends, so much so that he can't stand to be around them, then he's got something to hide and he's terrified of being exposed....

3. He’s lost his sexual urge:If your man is no longer grabs your ass, suddenly lost his goodstroke or lacks the "morningwood," he's either lost his sexual desires for you or for women all together. This is a red flag.

4. He wants to engage in a threesome with another Guy: This is a bad sign, no guy would want to engage in a threesome with another guy... If your dude has had a threesome in the past with one of his "boys" and a "jumpoff," that's two too many testicles in a sexual scenario! He's gay.

5. He totally behaves like a girl or female gestures: If your guy rolls his neck, sucks his teeth, fold his arms and stomps away when he gets mad, he's more than "feminine." If he throws his hands to his mouth and rolls his eyes back when he get excited, or walks with more of a switch than you do.

6. He has served a jail term: Men that have actually gone to jail are more exposed to Gays so there’s a probability that his ass has been hit and he’s used to it. Especially the ones with cornrows🙄

7. If he steals your panties run sister RUN!!!

I’m no expert but this are the tips to watch out for!!!



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