Omohtee Allegedly Arrested By Dr. Anu Fella of Med Contour, Bullied Into Signing Undertaking


Popular Twitter Slay queen, Omohtee have allegedly been arrested by Nigerian based plastic surgeon, Dr. Anu of Med Contour for defamation of character on social media.

Dr. Anu was said to have performed waist reduction surgical operation on Omohtee which later gave her complications.

Omohtee has been battling waist pain after undergoing a hips reduction surgery in the facility owned by one Dr Anu Fella. In a video she shared online, she preached body positivity and also urged women who insist on undergoing plastic surgery to avoid Med Contour.

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WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Omohtee Urges Women Not to Patronize Med Contour

The Twitter user who disclosed that she wanted a normal waist, accused the plastic surgeon of blocking her on social media platforms after the surgery went wrong.

Dr. Anu of Med Contour allegedly took Omohtee who has been dragging her on social media to the Police station to sign an undertaking not to post about her again.

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According to a screen shot showing a chat with Omohtee, she revealed that she was arrested by Dr. Anu of Med contour and bullied by the Police who made her sign an undertaking not to speak about her alleged experience with the “failed plastic surgery” on social media.

Omohtee wrote in the screenshot;

I just got back from Police station

Anu accused me of conspiring with you to defame her

I have signed undertaking that I won’t say anything about her on social media again. Which I didn’t even do after my viral video, it was the new girls video that’s made her trend again.

They dialed one man number on my phone saying toys the gist lover person thinking I have it saved

I collected mad insults and bullying today upon all my pictures I showed them and even letter from the hospital I’m using cause I’m still collecting treatment"

Nigerians are reacting to the news, see some reactions below;

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