OPINION ARTICLE- Ajimobi’s Rumoured Death: Politics Controls The Minds of People



Nigeria no doubt is a land filled with mysteries. Politics has once again without doubt proven to be a major tool in swaying the minds of people. Showing us again that 2023 will be about dirty games.

The game being played on Thursday, June 18, 2020 about the former governor's death wouldn't have yielded without the antics of politics and politicians. Like the popular saying goes, in every rumour there is an iota of truth. This phrase has time without numbers proven to be correct without much objections. How else will a truth be founded without being preceeded by a rumour?

The fact is rumours give room for truths to come alive. Past and recent happenings in the Nigerian political atmosphere has confirmed this. Yar'adua, Abba Kyari, Sani Abacha all had their fare share which all came back being positive. 

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Some media agencies thrive on rumours but these media agencies also make it difficult for the truth to be hidden away for so long. We've not heard the last of yesterday. Rather the beginning just barely started.

Remember, a power tussle is brewing in the APC about who will become the next authentic National chairman. Many stalwarts have come out to lay claim to the position. Have you ever thought about what the party is trying to achieve by pronouncing a sick man on the hospital bed the party chairman, when they know he won't be able perform party duties. What if the APC is trying to conjure a kind of 'political chess' move to eventually make 2023 a success.

The PDP and other parties are watching closely the events happening in the APC and will surely 'check out' when events swing in their favour.

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The last of Ajimobi have not been heard, rather it is the beginning that's just getting started. For sure the Ajimobi family and APC is hiding something. This is Nigeria, things happen, events unfold, fingers get burnt, truths have no hiding place. But Alas!!! We keep watch.

Seun Ibitoye is a content writer and a reporter for omokoshaban.com.

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