How to get a Dominican passport


Well last time we talked about the Dominican Republic and fun things we could also do in the Dominican Republic.  ...I’m sure you’re dying to know how you can get a passport too … I mean the Dominican Republic is where everyone would want to be .

   So basically I’m going to tell you how you can get one :

Once you have your residency card in hand, you must wait for 6 months before you can apply for Citizenship. Typical processing time of these citizenship and passport applications is 60 to 90 days. You will need to travel to the Dominican Republic to receive your passport.

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       Then before we get a passport we need to know the cost basically you can get one from $100,000. Registration fees consist of a standard government processing fee of USD $3,000 per application, a naturalization fee of USD $750 per applicant, a passport fee of USD $60 per applicant, and a stamp fee of USD $15 per applicant. Preety expensive but as the saying goes nothing comes easy. The good things of life are always expensive 😁…

       So now that we have the passport we’ll talk about countries you can visit with it, basically people can visit numerous places with a Dominican passport, Dominican Republic passport holders can visit 32 countries visa free. These countries include Montserrat, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago and Colombia. Find best places to visit on Visa free. See a visual map of visa requirements on the world map. Dominican Republic is part of Caribbean, North America.

    So list of countries you could visit with a Dominican passport are;

  •   Montserrat. 🇲🇸 Visa Free. 🏘️ Plymouth 🌍 Caribbean 🤝 Territory of UK. ...
  • Grenada. 🇬🇩 Visa Free. 🏘️ St. ...
  • Trinidad and Tobago. 🇹🇹 Visa Free. ...
  • Colombia. 🇨🇴 Visa Free. ...
  • Honduras. 🇭🇳 Visa Free. ...
  • Belize. 🇧🇿 Visa Free. ...
  • Guyana. 🇬🇾 Visa Free. ...
  • El Salvador. 🇸🇻 Visa Free.
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And so on…..

      The Caribbean island nation has an excellent international reputation, and consequently, the Commonwealth of Dominica passport provides visa-free or visa on arrival access to more than 115 countries around the world including the entire European Union, Switzerland, UK, Singapore, Russia, Brazil, and Hong Kong.

So I hope you have a safe trip 🤤😉

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