5 painful signs that could mean you’re in a one sided relationship.


When you’re in love it’s very normal to do everything to make your partner very happy, you go out of your way to make he she love you more, even though things you do might be comfortable for you....

You become very vulnerable cause you want to please such person,you want to learn something new you want to have new memories and so forth..

But as time goes on you begin to discover that you’re the one always saying “I love you”, you’re the one always calling, he hardly reached out, he’s too busy, he’s always having a reason why he’s not available. You begin to discover that he’s not putting any effort into the relationship, your honey isn’t as sweet as before. You begin to do all the Favour’s he puts less work. All this are bad signs!!!

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But when you’re in love it’s easy to be blinded by the romance that you pay little or no attention to the signs so I’m going to run down .....

5 easy steps to know that you’re in a ONE SIDED RELATIONSHIP 💔...

1. You’re the one always willing to communicate: This is one of the most obvious signs that your partner is cheating or rather is no longer interested in the relationship. You’re the one calling, you’re the one going to his house to find him , he never asks of you. Your partner might say you’re asking for too much when you try to argue with him, he barely calls you, yall might go 1 week without talking to each other this is actually a bad sign.

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2. He or she chooses his friends over you:

When you partner feels like going out he doesn’t invite you along, he prefers going out with his friends he only calls you when he wants to have sex with you, and when you want to talk about it he tells you you’re picking unnecessary fights and nagging.

This is a very bad sign, he doesn’t even pay you attention, he believes his friends more than he believes you, he prefers to stay with his friends than to be with you.... then my darling bad sign too🚨

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3. He or she never returns the favor: If you’re the only one always calling, sending text messages, you’re trying to seek his attention , if you don’t call him he won’t call you for weeks, he’s always saying he’s busy with one thing or the other . The please get out while you still can no matter how much you love him , he’s just using you!!!

4. He or she ignores a problem in the relationship: If you’re the only one trying to fix relationship problems, you’re always seeing the problems and when you confront your partner he rolls his eyes and behaves uninterested then my dear you’re in a one sided relationship cause he’s supposed to pay attention if the relationship even means anything to him.

5. . You feel a need to justify your his or her behavior to your family and friends: ahhh this is the oya patapata😂.... you always think he’s right, you bring up stories to justify his actions, if he slaps you you’ll say because he was angry, if he kicks you out late at night you’ll say it’s because you were stubborn.

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You have to reassure your loved ones (and yourself) that this relationship is right for you; that despite the negative sides to this romance, the positives outweigh all of the tears and arguments.

This is a very bad sign run for your life or you’ll die in the process😳.

Actually if you generally feel stressed that relationship is not for you . Run away dear if not you’ll die of depression... Make a list of all the reasons you ended the relationship. That way, if your partner tries to come crawling back, you'll have something to refer to that will remind you of why you got out of the relationship in the first place.

Always remember that you gave him all the time in the world and he didn’t change so don’t waste your time on what will end in tears 😭...😂

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