Prime Suspect behind Aso Rock Shooting Sacked


The Prime Suspect behind the Aso Rock Shooting has Been Sacked

This highly controversial character, is allegedly behind the recent condemnable shooting that took place right inside the Nigeria seat of power, aka Aso Rock Villa.

His name is CP Abdulkarim Dauda Daura.  And until this evening, he had been the very powerful Chief Personal Security Officer of President Buhari.

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Consequent upon his indictment or complacency in the shooting, President Buhari swiftly directed the Inspector General of Police to remove immediately. He has since been transferred to Police College, Kaduna State, as Commandant.

Why do many Nigerians consider this officer to be very contrary?

What are his negative antecedents in recent history?

Now, here’s the first very controversies around this man;

Abdulkarim Dauda has had one of the fastest promotions in the history of the Nigeria Police.

In 2015 when Buhari came to power, he was serving as a DPO in one of the local Divisions in Cross River State.

And he was only a Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP), at that time.

But he rapidly rose from CSP to the rank of Commissioner of Police in two years, a feat non of his mates, never got remotely close to, till their retirement.

That means, between 2015 to 2017, this Mr Dauda mysteriously rose from >>Chief Superintendent of Police, >>to Assistant Police Commissioner,

>>to Deputy Police Commissioner, and >>to Police Commissioner in the space of just two years.

A feat that could take not less than 12years to accomplish.

That must be some extraterrestrial supersonic speed! Quite unprecedented speed, worthy to be seen in Guinness Book of World Record, but for the very bad and negative reasons.

People who know Abdulkarim Dauda well, would always scream at the gross manipulation of the system, and undue exploitation of his office, as Buhari’s CSO, to attract speedy promotions to himself, without merits, whatsoever.

They lament that the guy was even less than average in their sect, and has not done anything extraordinary to merit such promotion.

As the negative uproars generated by his controversial promotions were not enough, by the 31st December 2019, Abdulkarim Dauda, added extra and compounded the already worst situation.

On 31st December 2019, CP Abdulkarim Dauda and hundreds of his course mates, officially retired from the Police, having completed their statutory record of 35 years in service.

But, Abdulkarim Dauda vehemently and diametrically refused to retire with his mate, he rather, resorted to some subterfuge and mischief to extend his tenure.

Dauda again, manipulatively, prevailed on the IGP to extend his tenure till May 2023, when the President’s tenure will end.

He secured the Extension, as he demanded, all for self aggrandizements. I’ve attached the copy of his Extension signal to this piece.

He’s rumored to have corruptly enriched himself, and has since become stupendously wealthy and power drunk. He seeks to drag and pull everything and everyone down.

Rumors are rife that, it was in one of his usual displays of primitive power stupor, that he ordered the indiscriminate and reckless shooting in Aso Rock Villa.

Abdulkarim Dauda is a deeply complicated man, who suffers from self-indulgence, superiority complex which drives him to dangerously pull down any of his perceived competitors - even when they are not in competition with him.

This is ostensibly because, he’s constantly conscious of the truth that, he’s promotions are not only unmeritorious, but they’re also questionable.

The above is where we can fittingly situate the several unwarranted attacks, Abdulkarim Dauda has serially lunched on a the of the best Police Officer, a fine gentleman, and his kinsman, CP Mustapha Dandaura - the immediate past Commissioner of Police, Rivers State.

CP Mustapha, a University graduate, was enrolled as a Cadre Officer, unlike Abdulkarim who was recruited as unconfirmed inspector or something lesser.

They both began their career in police within the same year, with Mustapha clearly being ahead by virtue of his entry qualification.

Over the years, Abdulkarim Dauda has never hidden his envy, and malicious hatred against CP Mustapha.

Dauda’s emergence as the President’s aid , then gave him an ample opportunity to demonstrate his wickedness against Mustapha.

Some have said, Dauda met Mustapha in 2015, as CP already, when he came from Calabar to interview the then IGP Arase. That it was actually his unbridled and inordinate competition against, his superior Mustapha, that led Dauda to manipulate his unbelievable Promotions.

Fast track down to 2019, Abdulkarim Dauda instigated the powers that be, to redeploy CP Mustapha Dandaura out of Anambra State, before the general elections, just to get at him.

Afterward, the IGP graciously returned CP mustapha to Anambra, where he performed excellently well, until he was transferred to Rivers State for a rescue mission to get rid of the rampant increase in criminalities then.

CP Mustapha period in Rivers State, as everyone can testify;

witnessed the most unprecedented success in crime fighting, brought peace, restored security in the entire State, and placed the State as one of the safest places to live in Nigeria then.

People began to praise the CP, awards kept coming to him freely and unsolicited. Everybody was very happy with Dandaura.

But, unknown to us, someone in Aso Rock was very sad and bitterly sad with Dandaura’s achievements in Rivers State.

That guy was no other person, than the already Retired CP Abdulkarim Dauda.

He had initially tried to bias the Governor’s mind against Dandaura, auguring the Governor to reject Dandaura, lying that he’s a bad man.

Months later, Abdulkarim lies were exposed by the more than exceptional performance of the Dandaura.

But evil man, is still alive and potent. He waited. Tarried for another opportunity.

Covid 19 confusions afforded the bad man Abdulkarim another opportunity to lunch his attacks yet again, against CP Dandaura.

This time, he successfully sold the story that Governor Wike is fighting the federal government. And that the best way to get at the Governor was to redeploy all the Service Chiefs in the State.

But, unknown to everyone is his real underlining motives - to get at CP Mustapha Dandaura - and redeploy him out of the State.

It was this ordinarily retired Abdulkarim Dauda that carried this redeployment of Dandaura on his head, like gala.

He had left Aso Rock on that day to Police Headquarters to prevail on IGP to sign the redeployment Signal.

He was dropping the name off the name of the President (who was actually inundated with Corona issues then) like a kindergarten on an errand. Even when it was actually his own mischief.

At a point, Abdulkarim went downright ridiculous. He demanded that, CP Dandaura should not be allowed to work at Force Headquarters, that he should be posted to Police college Kaduna, to which the IGP reminded him, he’s crossing his boundaries.

Today, karma (I don’t believe though) they say is a bitch.

Abdulkarim Dauda’s badness has quickly caught up with him.

He has by his own malfeasance, complacencies, hatred and malicious wickedness, became his own albatross, hamstrung and nemesis.

The many cries of the people of Rivers State he denied a performing CP quite unceremoniously, came to revenge.

Who could ever believe that the ones very powerful CP Abdulkarim Dauda would be sacked from Aso Rock, and much more than that, was actually redeployed to the same Police College kaduna.

This is one of the greatest turn of event I’ve seen in recent years.

This certainly should serve as a huge lesson to all the seemingly wicked and maliciously powerful people.

This life is some how. E no straight at all!

While I am not gloating over his misfortunes, it’s instructive to learn from his very bad example, and to further reinforce my belief that, pettiness is weakness, and hatred and malicious wickedness doesn’t not pay.

And that nothing is permanent in this life.

Written by Azubuike Ihemeje

The Prime Suspect behind the Aso Rock Shooting has Been Sacked

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