Male guide to female communication


As we all know communication is one of the basics of a relationship, without it the relationship is going to be left in shambles!!!

Men and women have different ways of communicating as they are also different in nature 😁 practically some men say women are not easily understood and all So, why not sit back as a give you few points in which men can communicate with ladies.

1. Women are not always direct:

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Mind you we know what we want when we want it but we don’t always come clean, we’re not always clear with our words, we do more if thinking than talking. For example when we want something sometimes we can’t actually tell you that we want it ,we’re not direct we feel you’re the man and you should know what we want😂....

Unlike men that are very precise and straight to point we are not, that doesn’t mean we’re not honest , we just don’t know how to hit the nail on the head😌.

2. We expect you to ask about our Day:

I know at the end of the day we all just want to lay down and relax but we actually want more , we want you to ask bout our day actually if we were with our girls we’ll gist and all but since we’re not we want you to fill that gap, or if you’re not with her you can call her and talk about her day ...

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Trust me you’re bond will become stronger cause she’ll tell you everything that happened, we just want to feel important and loved yunno😫....

3. We want an active Listener :

Definitely, this is the first and foremost criteria to leave a positive mark. As it is said “before you speak, listen” . You ought to be a patient and active listener to get along a good conversation.

We love talking and we obviously love someone who listens, if you really wanna loose your girl then stop listening to her she automatically finds sometime that’ll give her that time and attention she’s definitely leaving you . We love good listeners cause we have a lot to say either about work, family, or school we definitely have a lot to say.

If your girlfriend doesn’t talk to you just know she’s talking to someone else.💔

4. Know how and what to say at the right time:

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When we tell you our problems we are actually also arranging our thoughts yunno. Even thought we talk and rant we also listen so instead of causing trouble by saying things you’re not supposed to just keep quiet and listen, know what to say at the right time .

Most times when we speak the words just end up spilling out like those extra gumballs you end up receiving from a candy machine. When we talk about something we are not always looking for a solution, but we just want someone to understand what we are feeling. Just listen to her as she rants on and on about her grandmother’s dog and ends up going on different tangents about her grandmother’s neighbor’s dog. Just remember be wise on how much you say and what you say to a woman.💞

5. Even after we hear you say “ I love you” we’re still going to be cheesy :

When you tell a woman those three words it is like nothing else matters in that moment. Those words we take to heart and we feel, that now, we know how you feel; we can completely let our guards down. Now, when we do that there will be an outpour of emotions and many cheesy conversations. We still want you to tell us how you feel even after you say those three important words to us. We like to know your thoughts and the way that you are feeling. We do not consider it a weakness when you tell us how you are feeling, but rather a blanket of happiness covers us. If you say, “I love you” to a woman, remember that she going to annoy you with her long emotional conversations, but that is because she loves you too.

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Sometimes we act like we don’t believe you but we actually do we just need some sort of reassurance that it’ll never change ❣️...

So this are 5 tips you need to consider when you’re with a woman 👩....

I hope this comes handy sometime .......Remember women should be treated like eggs 🥚

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