21sth Democracy Day: Is disturbing, worrisome & disappointing that we found our selves in this situations, of lawlessness and senselessness




Is disturbing, worrisome and disappointing that we found our selves in this situations, of lawlessness and senselessness.

Some brainwashed people now survive by killing their fellow human, extorting money unlawfully from our people in villages, towns and cities, every live is at risk in Nigeria.

This situation is one of the worst Nigeria moments as a notion, but is not the worstest in our history. We are eye witness to this some of this and history will tell more.

For those unpatriotic leaders who are buying arms and bullets for terrorist and bandits, to terrorize innocent Nigerians just to sabotage this government for cheaper political gains will fail because we know them.

They can only succeed in brainwashing ignorant Nigerians in defying their government in the name of insecurities they manufactured for political propaganda against the President Buhari Government but not my type.

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Our electoral system is in jeopardy because our unscrupulous political gladiators will not allow a free and transparent processes.

They go as far as buying the chief Justice of Nigeria in Dubai. Pump billions of money in naira and dollars during election just to sabotage our national consciousness.

The citizens were converted from being patriotic to corruptive and lawless citizens. God is watching.

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This government through the
EFCC has recovered N800b which are being reinvested in infrastructure to meet with our infrastructural deficit in Nigeria.

Our last hope was stolen from us, the judicial system is weakened by political thugs seeking for political offices in Nigeria by power by force.

Our legislature is in chaos, with divided interests and regional inequalities, break down and break through of law and orders. Fighting in the houses of law making across the nation is shamefully.

What just happened in the Kaduna state house of Assembly yesterday was disturbing and disappointing. When will our law makers grow up?

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This is not how the exclusives behave.

Even though we can see much sincere investment in infrastructural development and social investment, not to talk of divisification of our economy going on particularly in Agriculture. Insecurity has triggered lower gains in human resource index.

Our biased media practice is practical and visible to all, with unbalance coverage of events and incidents

Things must changed and we need to contribute by sincerely praying and supporting our government directives towards tackling insecurities in the country.

Good bless Nigeria
Adamu Babalauya


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