Republicans Never built economy, Americans Attack Trump for saying he will make US Economy greatest in the world



Some US citizens has attacked President Donald Trump after he pledged to make US economy the greatest in the world.

Donald Trump had tweet "I built the greatest economy in the World, the best the U.S. has ever had. I am doing it again!"

Some Americans citizens who reacted to his tweet said Republican as been the engine room of economics destruction.

According to of the their reply, Republican never build Economic, they destroyed it.

Below are some of the reply to President Trump tweet, by some US citizens.

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Republicans have never built the economy. They destroy the economy.

1990 - HW Bush
2001 - W Bush
2007 - W Bush
2020- Trump

Democrats built America's greatest economies. Thanks @BarackObama & @BillClinton

Clinton built it, Bush ruined it. Obama built it, Trump ruined it. I’m beginning to sense a pattern…樂

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Since data has been accurately kept, no president had a lower average GDP growth without a recession than Trump.
It's almost certain by the end of his presidency there will be zero or negative total growth from his first to last quarter.

Decided I'd do a more complete chart dealing only with Obama's last term vs. Trump's term.
I'm being very kind to Trump- not including the last two jobs reports. Not including last quarter's (or this, not yet released) GDP data & not including last month's massive debt.

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