Rape : Accused commissioner refuses to step down to be investigated


Rape : Accused commissioner refuses to step down to be investigated

Rape : Accused commissioner refuses to step down to be investigated

Commissioner for water resources in Kogi state, Abdumumini Danga has vowed not to step down from his appointed position in spite of the ongoing investigation into the allegations of rape and battery levelled against him.

It can be recalled that Danga was called out by a beauty queen, Elizabeth Oyeniyi who accused him of raping and assaulting her in a Facebook post. This happened in the month of March.

In the post, Oyeniyi said Danga sent some hoodlums after her and allegedly raped her at a hotel after she called him out on social media to extend palliatives to his immediate family members.

When asked whether he was considering resignation to enable the police to carry out an investigation into the allegations properly, he wondered why the question was raised.

“Step down as how? he retorted.

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Recently, the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu invited the Commissioner but was released on bail and asked to report back at a later date for further questioning.

When he was pressed further on his resignation to allow the police to investigate the allegations properly without bias, he declined further comments.

However, Kingsley Fanwo, the state Commissioner for Information and Communication said Danga’s refusal to resign won’t affect the integrity of the investigation. He said,

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“His being in office will have no impact on the integrity of the investigations. We trust the police to do a thorough job. But you will agree with me that it will be unfair to punish anyone who has not been found guilty.”


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