Before you challenge an armed policeman on the road, kindly read this


A police team left their station in Onikan Lagos yesterday for routine early morning patrol. They were assigned their guns. All was well and good as the armed policemen jovially joked and laughed in the same vehicle.

While patrolling they had a minor argument which wasnt out of the ordinary. Suddenly one of them, Inspector Gabriel Monday, opened fire on other members of his team killing some of them there and then.

He wasn't done yet! He hijacked their operational vehicle and drove straight to Akoka in Yaba where he attempted to force his way into a building.

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The building had an iron door and he shot at the door to gain access. No fewer than 30 bullet holes were counted in an apartment, corridor, and ceiling of the premises.

It is believed that the officer might not be mentally stable as he was filmed screaming incoherently while firing shots.

Commenting on the matter, the Lagos State Police Public Relations officer, Bala Elkana, said the command was investigating to understand what truly happened.

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It is not every armed security operative you see on the road that is sane. That the society entrusts her safety to his discretion does not mean he is normal. Many of them are psychologically unstable. Some are frustrated with life. Some are suicide cases. Some are criminals. Some are drug addicts. And some are outrightly mad like in this situation.

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Therefore, before you argue or engage in a shouting bout with an armed man, study the environment, access his psychology and weigh your chances. Someone, possibly your child or spouse, said 'goodbye' to you while leaving your house with the hope of saying 'welcome Daddy/Honey' to you at the end of the day.

I am not preaching cowardice or servitude to the excesses of security operatives but it far better to err on the part of caution. It is praiseworthy to be brave sometimes but not always as we stand in the compound of a coward to point at the ruin in which a brave man used to live. Guess what? - only a fool argues with a gun. When you get killed, no matter the justice that might be served at the end of the day, the dead tells no tale.

In all your getting get wisdom and understanding.

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Pass this to as many readers as possible in order to save lives.

@Ord. Ezemuo.

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