EPL Restart: More Decisions Taking To Enable A Safe Comeback


A meeting was held yesterday between stakeholders of the 20 clubs in the EPL were some issues were addressed in respect to the League's restart by June 17.

Part of those matters addressed was the agreement to temporarily change the number of substitutes allowed in a match from 3 to 5. This is in line to a law recommended to the International Football Association Board by FIFA were it was Discovered that players may be demanded to play more games than usual. So in awareness to players safety and fitness issues the number of substitution that could take place in a game was increased. Also, the number of players available for substitution was increased from seven to nine on the bench.

Furthermore, Shareholders agreed a principle in respect to the use of neutral venues if a situation were matches can not be safely played at home venues occurs. A plan which is really based on contingency and flexibility was drafted in place.

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A lot of work is being done under the carpet to ensure that the EPL is safe enough for a comeback. The momentum behind the possible comeback is gearing up nicely,meetings are held at least once a week just to ensure that this is made possible. Clubs have commenced close contact trainings,Fans are getting ready to be glued once again to their TV sets. It'll be one to really look out for.

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