Sporting World Cries For Justice For George Floyd.


It all began when George Floyd, a Black American passed on last Monday while being held to the ground with a knee of a white cop on his neck. His death went on to prove the continuous existence of The black maltreatment not only in the United States but also all around the world.

The sporting world has had it's fair share of racism most especially in football were players are constantly dragged in the mud just of their skin colour. Some go as far as throwing dangerous objects at players not to talk of their morale diminishing statements that leaves some athletes even resulting to tears on the pitch.

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It's even getting worse now because they no longer have regard for Black lives,doing whatever they want however they want with it. Maltreatment is an understatement,it's a total injustice and needs to be checkmated before it's too late.

Sharing this same view were various athletes all over the world,ranging from different sports be it football,tennis,F1,Basketball you name it. All expressing their grievances against such an immoral act taking to social media to let the world know how they feel.

A couple of Liverpool players took to the field at Anfield and took a knee to the ground expressing their support for the Black Lives Movement and in memory of the late George Floyd others taking to their twitter handle with the message 'Unity is Strength #BlackLivesMatter' just to show their displeasure.

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Manchester United Forward Marcus Rashford took to his handle and handed out a very powerful anti-racist message showing how divided the world has grew to be. Following up on that was his Country man and Borussia Dortmund Forward,Jadon Sancho who scored his first career Hat-trick in the win against Paderborn on Sunday raised his jersey after scoring the second goal during the match. Revealing his undershirt message which States "justice for George Floyd" ironically he was handed a yellow card for that act ;football rules anyway, but it didn't matter cause he passed his message. He didn't stop there, heading to his instagram handle to further express his grief.

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More tribute came from Dortmund's defender Achraf Hakimi, Borussia Monchengladbach's player Marcus Turam, Chelsea defender,Antonio Rudiger,Manchester United Midfielder Paul Pogba and lot's more.

Even Basketball legend Micheal Jordan, Tennis star Serena Williams and F1 racing star Lewis Hamilton all showed support.

It has really been a dark moment once again in time with clear Racism showing off once again. It's just our prayers that this doesn't become a new normal were black lives are treated like garbage,toosed all around like a ping-pong game. We cry for actions to be taken soon enough,we cry for justice cause black lives do matter.


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