Donald Trump, Please stop injecting yourself into crises.
~Gov. Christine Whitman.



Don’t try to tell governors what to do. Instead of calling for calm and for the nation to unite, you were sequestered in the White House basement and silent. Governors and mayors, on the other hand, were actively engaged in trying to bring order to their cities and towns. The National Guard has been deployed across the country and most of the demonstrations were largely peaceful.
While you only seem to feel the need for the use of more force, local elected leaders tried to control things in a way that will allow them to build for the future.
While you just want to condemn people, real leaders are acknowledging the very real racial issues we are facing.

In times like this, real leaders step up, and deal with the immediate problems while acknowledging the need for reform at all levels: Police, education, housing, economic opportunity and more.
This country desperately needs a real leader at the helm to deal with our racial issues, the #coronavirus, all those who are out of work, climate change and the myriad of other issues facing us.
We need a leader to plan for the future.

You, Mr. President, are not that leader.
In fact, you are making things worse on almost every front.
Please, go back to your bunker and let the real leaders solve our problems.

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