People Mock Me in 2014 when i declared for senate and printed my campaign posters, - Sentor Elisha Abbo


Senator Alisha Ishaku Abbo Represententing Michca Madagely constituency of Adamawa State, has recount how he was mock in 2014 when declared intention to contest for Senate.

He said " in 2014 i when declared for senate and printed my campaign posters, people mocked me.

some told me to contest for councilor of Muchalla ward. my village.

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i went ahead with campaigns and spent over n100m but i was denied the opportunity to contest primary election because it was moved to abuja on the order of the national leadership of the pdp under Dr. Adamu Muazu.

in 2016, i came back home to meet my team and told them that i will be contesting for senate again in three years time.

that is in 2019.

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i started a three year political war.

that same december 2016, my family and close friends told me to my face that i should not waste my time and money.

they advised me to contest for “member house of assembly mubi north” i told them thankyou and left them.

i continued with consultations.

i continued because i knew the voice that spoke to me in ife, osun state in 2014 while i was driving alone from dominion hotel along ibadan express way to celebration hotel to meet my staff.

today the senate issue is history.

i contest a very tough and bitter primary elections and won with 80.3% of delegates vote.

i also contested the general election against a veteran politician that was in the national assembly since 1999 and i won with a total of 50.2 % of total votes cast out of 15 contestants.

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i suffered accidents, arrest and intimidation in the course of the journey.

at the end, i won.! yes i won!!!

today i see, hear and read so much discouraging words about my future political endeavors.

you do not know me.

SIA, do not see the giants, goliaths before me. i only see one thing - victory!!!

i know the voice i heard.

i also know the voice that spoke to me. the voice never lies.

i am god’s instrument 🎻. god’s hammer 🔨. god’s pencil ✏️ to draw a beautiful picture of tomorrow. i am god’s pen 🖊 to write a beautiful seraph, a song.

mark this, save this, i am not perfect but my perfection is god. he perfected me.

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nothing can stop god’s design.

friends, do you have a vision? or did you hear a voice?

please, do not be drown in the noise.

remember the voice and follow your vision. trust me on this.

just believed!!!

i am not hyping. you will remember this write up or i will remind you.

i, not you is in charge of my god given destiny.

i do not lose. i win.

i am more than conqueror.


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