COVID-19 : Africa has higher recovery Rate than North America


Africa has higher recovery rate than North America

Africa has higher recovery rate than North America

Data obtained from Worldometer has shown that Africa has recorded a higher percentage of COVID-19 recoveries than North America.

According to COVID-19 figures for Monday, May 25, the entire continent had, at the time of writing this report, recorded 113,990 cases.

Out of this number, 46,378 had recovered – a ratio of 40.7 per cent. On the other hand, North America has identified 1,880,853 positive cases, 562,629 of them had recovered – 29.9 per cent.

North America is made up of the USA, which has more than one million COVID-19 cases and 99,300 deaths, Mexico, Canada, and a host of small Island nations.

The African continent also has a higher percentage of recovered cases than South America, which is now the present epicentre of the pandemic.

Most of its 633,783 cases are from Brazil. The continent has reported 242,207 recoveries, a percentage of 38.2. Europe with 46.5 per cent, Asia with 58 per cent and Oceania with 92.7 per cent recovery, all rank better than Africa however.

On the killing rate of the virus per continent, Africa – 3.0 per cent, has a lower ratio than Europe 8.9 per cent, North America – 6.1 per cent and South America – 5.0 per cent.

Many deaths linked to COVID-19 have, however, not been recorded across these continents. Oceania with a death rate of 1.4 per cent and Asia with 2.8 per cent, have recorded fewer deaths per infection than all other regions of the world.

Despite Africa having a higher recovery rate than the Americas, its input in the WHO solidarity drug trial is next to nothing.

The global health body is testing these drug combinations for the treatment of COVID-19: Rendesivir; tested in the USA, Ritonavir and Lopinavir, first tested in China, Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine, first studied In France and China.

The scientists who conducted the first trial of Ritonavir and Lopinavir on infected Coronavirus patients found that it did not provide ‘significant benefit in patients admitted with severe COVID-19.’

The WHO and Western governments have neglected the adaptation of herbal therapies, despite the protocols for the use of certain natural treatments.

Experts have also accused governments across the globe, of failing to conduct clinical trials on known natural antiviral solutions, making it difficult to determine their dosage levels.

Two researchers, Alberto Boretti and Binal Banik, wrote in a paper calling for clinical trials to be conducted on the efficacy of Vitamin C. in treating COVID-19 that.

“Many physicians in China have identified promising results using IV – intravenous Vit-C against COVID-19. Thus, there is a need to urgently review the uses of IV Vit-C, pre- and post-infection, and during different stages of the infection. IV Vit-C is helping to develop a stronger immune system response, reducing the cytokines storm, or increasing antiviral activities through other unknown mechanisms,” the report read.

A team of scientists in Chin, have also started a trial on the natural antiviral alternative, saying their results will be out by September.

Yet, Ascorbic acid has not been adopted into the WHO’s fast-tracked solidarity COVID-19 drug trial programme.

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