Prophet muhammad (s.a.w) & the Ugly man who was unable to get married. a story, that really moves hearts - Fatty O. Vicky



By Fatty O Vicky

The story is about a Man. Who was poor, not only was he poor, he was a person who was very unattractive in fact, the Sahabas used to describe him as Hideous (Awful), If a person looks at him, just wants to look away.

So this man Allah created him this way, poor, no status in society, and Hideous, and even his name was Ugly! His name was Julaybeeb (R.a). RasulAllah Sallallahu alayhi wassalam saw Julaybeeb one day and he had grown older in age, He said to him: How are you o Julaybeeb.

That was such the case of RasulAllah (s.a.w). How are you o Julaybeeb, and Julaybeeb said: Ya RasulAllah (saw) do you think the only women I will get is in Jannah,
Hoor-al-Ayn (Women of paradise) Insha’Allah?
RasulAllahu (s.a.w) understood what he’s trying to say, that he is never going to be able to get married in this life. Is he just gonna die and just hope to meet Hoor-al-Ayn. RasulAllah (S.a.w) said: No, You are going to get a women from Dunyah Insha’Allah and also from the Akhira.

So RasulAllah (S.a.w) said, O Julaybeeb go to so and so house and ask, they have a Daughter.

He went and they rejected him, So RasulAllah (S.a.w) came to this man and said to him: “I want to ask for your Daughters hand.”

He said: Allahu Akbar RasulAllah (s.a.w), what beautiful news this is that makes the eyes englighten the heart, SubhanAllah.

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RasulAllah (saw) said, No, no it’s not for me.

He said, Who for then?

He (s.a.w) said, for Julaybeeb (R.a), and Suddenly his smile turned into a frown, and he said let me ask her mother, so he went home and said, RasulAllah (s.a.w) Has asked for our Daughter, She said Allahu Akbar! What great Honour! What brings comfort to the eyes and to the Heart.

He said, No no not for RasulAllah! She asked him for who for? He said, for Julaybeeb and then the mother said, SubhanAllah we had better man than him coming and asking for our daughter and rejected him, we had greater families asking for her, and we refused them and now, The lowest of the low in society and the most hideous, we have to give our daughter to him?

No no no please.

There Daughter was in the background inside listening,
So She came out said, What is this that I hear Mom and Dad? RasulAllah Sallallahu Alayhi Wassalam is on behalf of another man, Proposing that man to me, and you say No to RasulAllah?
WALLAHI (by Allah) I will not refuse the request of RasulAllah Sallallahu Alayhi Wassalam and Julaybeeb is the only man I will marry!

Allahu Akbar!

When the news came to Julaybeeb, He was rejoiceful Masha’Allah and RasulAllah Sallallahu Alayhi Wassalam got the companions to look after him and donate so that he can get married.

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Time passed and there was one of the battles, then Julaybeeb was among the people who went into that Battle.

RasulAllah (s.a.w) was there and the battle handled was victorious to the Muslims and then he went out as he usually does and looks amongst the Sahabahs,

There were great Sahabahs who had died and He’s asking everybody’s asking, Where’s my uncle, where’s my brother, where’s my Son, where’s my so and so, but RasulAllah (s.a.w) was asking one Question.

Where is my Julaybeeb? And everybody would say, we don’t know o RasulAllah (s.a.w), Nobody cares about Julaybeeb, only RasulAllah (s.a.w) cares about Julaybeeb.

Where is my Julaybeeb? Everyone is saying, I don’t know o RasulAllah (s.a.w), and they will say o RasulAllah (s.a.w) have you seen my Uncle? He said, No, but have you seen my Julaybeeb? They say, No no we don’t know anything about him.

So He went looking for Him, and a midst the Dead people He finally found Julaybeeb (R.a),
Dead on the ground, and around him as a circle, there was seven of the enemies dead around him.

And RasulAllah (s.a.w) when he saw this image, He stared at him and His beloved eyes flowed with Tears.

He said.. He killed, seven of the enemies of Islam and then he was killed, Julaybeeb is of Me and I of Him, Julaybeeb is of Me, and He repeated it three times, Julaybeeb is of Me, He’s one of my Family and I am one of his Family.

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Then Julaybeeb had no other bed except the bed of the Palms of RasulAllah (s.a.w).

RasulAllah (s.a.w) carried Him on His own forearms, and He was Crying then suddenly his crying turned into a Smile and He looked away.

He went, RasulAllah (s.a.w) and buried Julaybeeb with His own Blessed hands, and They (Sahabahs) asked Him, O RasulAllah (s.a.w) why were you crying and then you were smiling and looked away?

He said, I was Crying for the loss of my Dear family member Julaybeeb, no one cared about him but Me, and then Allah showed Me his place in Jannah, I saw His Soul in Jannah and there was one of His wives from the Hoor-al-Ayn running towards him (Julaybeeb), so I smiled that he finally got his wife which he wanted in Jannah and as she was running, the Heel of her leg showed, so I turned away, I have no right to look at the wife of Julaybeeb.

(This Hadith is in Sahih Muslim and part of it is in also, At-Tirmidhi)


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